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Catalog Number M13760
Object Name Map
Scope & Content Sanborn Insurance Map 1958 showing mill pond and
lumber mill. Tuolumne
(Dave Hart description)

This is not a Sanborn insurance map. It appears to have been prepared to their standards, but nowhere on the map does it say it is a Sanborn map. Also note that this is a West Side Lumber Co. map.

A quick look shows a few changes from the previous maps. There are a couple of blower pipes for moving wood chips and or sawdust around. There are also a lot more fire barrels placed and more hoses.
If someone wishes a detailed description of the sawmill they should visit files M13755 and M13757. In this file I will only deal with the items that look like differences from those maps.
Blower pipes: Next to the sawmill is a fuel vault. There is a blower pipe that goes southeast from there to the lumber company end of tracks where it bends south. At the PG&E transformers there is a blower relay station. From there it goes straight to the boiler house next to the box factory.
Meanwhile back at the fuel vault, another blower pipe heads north east to the planing mill.
Sonora yard: there is a wire fence along Sonora Road which appears new. The plan now calls for 140 fire barrels, a forty barrel increase. Also 100 ft of 2 1/2 inch hose is planned where none was specified before. There is now a small area where stacking is expected to occur on the west bank of Turnback Creek across from the sand house and Jitney Barns. 25 barrels and buckets are called for there.
It appears that the whole property has been wire fenced.
At Old Yard 39 barrels and buckets are planned. Previously it had been a few. A hydrant here appears to have changed position or have been mismapped. But it is still in the right neighborhood.
The six inch steel pipe was previously shown as extending to connect with the pipe just below the sorter (green chain).
The Bunkhouse Hill Lumber Yard is a new name given to what would have been the northern end of the Box Factory Yard. It gets 17 fire barrels filled with water on standby. The rest of the Box Factory Yard is planned for 19 barrels of standby water.
Starting again at the top of the map I'll look at the top of the map for the new details that I see.
I find it interesting that they are still labeling the railroad part of this the Hetch Hetchy & Yosemite Valleys Railway since their charter expired in 1943.and this is a 1958 map. The Jitney House is said to have 3" plank floor. I think I will assume that a plank is 8 inches wide. (See Mirram Webster) The Jitney House had 3" thick planks for a floor.and a hydrant (water faucet of some type) inside. Sand House is open underneath I assume the number is 17 and meant to be that's the height of the sand tank. The car repair shop shows 4 faucets inside at the north, narrow end and three at the three bays at the south end. The car framing shed has a hydrant inside and the car repair shop has two. The symbols used inside are the same but smaller than the ones used for outside hydrants. A solid circle. There are also three hydrants outside of the car shops.
There are three small buildings north west of Old Yard and adjacent to the log unloading areas. The two bigger ones are storerooms, both of them have sprinkler sytems installed in them. I think oil (non fuel oil) grease and related products were kept there. The third building has a faucet. This is the dispatcher's office.
At the sawmill end of the bridge to Sonora Yard is a garage to the left of the bridge. There used to be another garage on the other side of the bridge on this end also. To the east of the tracks and against The Old Yard is an oil drum storage platform that wasn't mapped as being there before.
East of shed #2 east of the West Side R tracks and next to Sierra R tracks is Hydrant with 100 ft of hose adjacent to that is 200 ft of 2 1/2 hose on a hose cart. North east corner of dry sorter No. 2 there is a hydrant with 100 ft of 2 1/2 inch hose. Shed #2 has a sprinkler system coming in at the north east corner. Shed #13 has a sprinkler system at the south west corner. There is an administrative use building east of shed 11 which has a sprinkler system. Probably records storage. The office is nearby. A steel trash burner is even closer. Shed #5 has a sprinkler system. Sheds #1, 3, 4, 7, 1 and 10 have sprinkler systems.
The following is an additional list of the buildings having a sprinkler system:The loading shed, the auto shop, 2 smoke houses, planing mill, the blacksmith shop/small machine shop, the roundhouse, storeroom #3, auto shop, machine shop #2, box factory, shook house, fuel vault, boiler house, sawmill, power house, and the lath mill all appear to have sprinkler systems. Plus something like a dozen hydrants in the immediate vicinity of the sawmill.
(Rutty description)
Dates of Creation 4/1958
Creator Fred S James & Co.
Title Pickering Lumber Co.
West Side Lumber Company Division
Tuolumne California
Subjects West Side Lumber Division